Centricity EMR Vs AllScripts: Every Detail You Need

Care to know profound details about Centricity and Allscripts EMR? This Allscripts EMR vs Centricity EMR guide is all you need for detailly exploring these systems.

Are you seeking a compatible EHR solution to handle all clinical operations without glitches? Then you should look into Allscripts or Centricity EMR. These are widely implemented cloud-based, multidisciplinary healthcare solutions. You can choose either of them based on your personalized requirements, set budget etc. Learn profound details about these solutions by diving into this thorough Allscripts EMR vs Centricity EMR analysis.

We will analyze these solutions from three perspectives, the reviews, the pricing and the demo. Reviews will share factual details about their functionalities, and the demo will present you with a thorough system overview. As for the cost analysis, it is vital to understand if these solutions come within your budget range. So, let’s commence this comprehensive Allscripts EMR vs Centricity EMR guide keeping these things in mind.

Reviews Analysis Of Allscripts And Centricity EMR

The user testimonials are the first element to explore in this Allscripts vs Centricity analysis. This is an essential factor that lays the foundation of EMR solutions. By exploring the reviews, you can learn what existing users think about its services, reliability, cost-effectiveness, etc. So, let’s dig in.

Allscripts EMR Reviews

The Allscripts EMR garners average reviews. The vendor scores 3.3 out of 5-star rating on g2 and 2.83 out of 5-star rating on Software Advice. It captivates care professionals with its user-friendly interface. The vendor is easy to navigate and comes with a minimal learning curve. The users specifically appreciate the billing module of Allscripts EMR in the reviews. Besides that, they shower light on many of its integrated capabilities that help shape the clinical workflow. Some of the salient benefits of Allscripts EMR, as per its reviews, are:

Appealing display


Fully customizable

Allows for better decision making

In-built analytic capabilities

Mitigating care gaps

Automated scheduling

Enhanced communication

Charge capture


Organized data management

Labs and imaging integration

According to the reviews, Allscripts EMR is not user-friendly and requires IT consultancy to customize templates. Also, extensive training is required to get the hang of its drop-down functionalities.

Centricity EMR Reviews

Centricity EMR is also supported by a pool of optimistic reviews. It scores 3.93 out of 5-star reviews of Software Advice and 3.7 out of 5-star reviews on g2. The carers love this simplistic ambulatory care solution, which packs an impressive feature range. They share in the reviews that Centricity is easy to use and learn. Also, it reduces no-shows by automating the scheduling process. Here’s more to what reviews pack about Centricity EMR.

Ease of accessing

Patients charts management

Excellent training and implementation service

Smooth patient flow

Intuitive patient portal

Reliable and accurate

Great customer service

Electronic claims processing

Custom forms and templates

Simplifies medical image viewing and searching


The downside to Centricity EMR, per the reviews, is that it freezes and crashes often.

Demo Analysis Of Allscripts and Centricity EMR

The demo tutorials of the Allscripts and Centricity EMR are also worth exploring. This will reveal their hidden potential and integrated capabilities. So, if these EHR solutions pique your interest, you should definitely schedule their demonstration tutorials. It is also the best way to assess the learning curve of EHR solutions in general.

Allscripts EMR Demo:

The demo of Allscripts EMR is like a detailed guide. It is elegantly crafted using appealing words to captivate the users. Allscripts EMR demo is about how it shapes the norms of medical care facilities. It reveals its way of working, giving viewers room to diligently assess all its functionalities. The demo of Allscripts EMR is available for free, thus leaving no room for deciding if you should schedule one or not. Set up a demo with Allscripts EMR and see its services in action.

Centricity EMR Demo:

The Centricity EMR also packs an impressive and detailed demo. The demo of Centricity EMR packs details about its state-of-the-art functionalities. According to the existing uses of Centricity EMR, its demo is greatly helpful in determining what the vendor packs for them. Also, while going through the free demonstration tutorial, one can assess if the software can meet their requirements. So, schedule a demo with Centricity EMR before deciding whether it’s a compatible option for you or not.

Pricing Analysis of Allscripts and Centricity EMR

The last factor to evaluate in this Allscripts EMR vs Centricity EMR guide is the pricing structures of Allscripts and Centricity EMR. Knowing the price range makes the deciding process easier. This way, one understands if the EMR software is rightly priced, under-priced or overpriced. So, let’s explore this now.

Allscripts EMR Pricing

The Allscripts EMR has not disclosed its pricing structure yet. Thus we cannot say for sure how much it costs. But to present you with a clear assessment, we explored the user statements of Allscripts EMR in terms of its pricing. In the client’s opinion, Allscripts EMR packs moderately priced solutions. This healthcare solution offers separate EHR modules for varying sizes of medical practices. So, whether it’s a small or enterprise-level practice, Allscripts EMR packs a solution for all. But as mentioned above, it is not too cheap nor too expensive.

Centricity EMR Pricing

The pricing structure of Centricity EMR is not shared publicly. However, the care providers believe Centricity is their go-to EMR backed by affordable pricing bundles. This depicts that this electronic health records solution is not just nickel and dimes. It offers the best bang for the provider’s buck. But as the exact pricing details of Centricity EMR are not disclosed, you must obtain the explicit details before making an investment decision.


Our Allscripts EMR vs Centricity EMR analysis ends here. But for you, it’s not the end, as you must request the pricing details of both of these solid healthcare platforms. Also, you must schedule their demonstration tutorials to examine their feature portfolio and more. As far as the reviews are concerned, Centricity scores a more effective and good review rating than Allscripts EMR. This depicts that caregivers have put their faith in the former vendor’s services. But you must explore these vendors concerning your needs to make a productive investment.

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