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Egypt Luxury Retreat Offers Guests to Search for Cleopatra’s Tomb

bust of cleopatra
Bust of Cleopatra, ca. 40-30 BC, via Altes Museum Berlin


Egypt luxury retreat offers great deals. It even gives a chance to its guests to participate in finding Cleopatra’s long-lost tomb and help archaeologists in this endeavor. Guests will have a chance to meet archaeologist Kathleen Martinez, understand her work, and witness excavation and restoration work inside a labyrinth of ancient passageways at the Great Temple of Osiris, Taposiris Magna. But, this just means guests will have exclusive access to the site without physical participation, for which visitors need to pay around 16,000 dollars to the retreat.


Egypt – a Place to Take an Archeological Role

cleoptra son cesarion relief, Egypt
Sculptures with Cleopatra and her son Nero-Caesar from the temple of Denderah, photo by Francis Frith, via Royal Collections Trust


The retreat previously mentioned is The Luminaire and offers a one week excavation experience. Guests will also have exclusive access to the site, and Martinez about which have information on the maze of the Great Temple of Osiris, Taposiris Magna’s historic tunnels. Archaeology team-discovered trenches and caves will also be available for visitors to discover. They will get a first look of how “cutting-edge robots” create an area’s digital map and 3d sculpture replicas.


In last year’s announcement Egypt’s ministry of tourism and antiquities stated that an archeology crew led by Martinez uncovered a passageway sculpted into rock. Throughout the dig to the Alexandrian temple, it descends around 43 feet below the surface of the soil. Mustafa Waziri, Egypt’s secretary general of the Supreme Council for Archaeology, said the tunnel is about 6.5-feet high and nearly a mile long.


cleopatra coin, egypt
The most famous example of a Cleopatra coin, via Hunterian Museum, Glasgow


The researches think that a portion of the temple’s structure is currently under water. Also, that tunnels collapsed under the strain of tremors and surges of water. Archarologist believes Cleopatra‘s tomb may be accessible through these passageways. The Egyptian officials described the find as “significant”. There were many artifacts on site: coins with photos and names of Cleopatra and Alexander the Great.

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Many More Pearks to the Retreat

cleopatra mark antony film 1963
Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in Cleopatra (1963), directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, via The Mirror


There are many more pearks to this trip. It also involves an exclusive entry excursion to Saqqara, the greatest archaeological location in Egypt, to get an inside look ar recent findings. Additionaly, the guests will also have an early access to the Grand Egyptian Museum.


The Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza will be the first stop for guests’ accomodation for two nights, followed by the Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano for three nights.


Cleopatra and caesar jean leone gerome painting
Cleopatra and Caesar, by Jean Leone Gerome, 1866, private collection, via Arthur Digital Museum


According to the business’s website, those willing to spend a little extra would be given exclusive access to the Oracle Temple of Amun in the distant UNESCO-protected Siwa Oasis and a stay at a “off-grid hideaway,” as well as the opportunity to visit the Great Sphinx while attending lectures led by a local Egyptologist.

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