Do I Need an EICR Certificate Cost to Sell My House in 2023?

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EICR Certificate Cost, Are an EICR required? The law requires that you possess the Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC) when you’ve had electrical work that is ‘notifiable’ carried in your home prior.

What do I require an EICR in order to sell my home? Achieving an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) will give prospective buyers confidence that the electrics are secure and having all documents in hand will help speed up the selling process! If this isn’t enough incentive to you, EICR Certificate Cost

If you’re a landlord or an agent for letting, it’s an obligation under the law to offer the electrical tests as part of the security checks prior to renting tenants the premises. The test should be conducted by a licensed, professional electrician.

The findings from the Electrical Installation Condition Report should be retained as proof of inspection. Keep the receipts! They can be put in the papers along with the rest of your paperwork.

The report may also contain vital information about the remedial work that might be required to be carried out.

Yes, But what is an EICR?

An EICR is also called a Periodic Inspection Check is performed to make sure the home is safe for electrical use.

It can help to determine the following things:

Integrity and degradation of wiring.

Make sure any previous DIY modifications were safely completed.

Damage to electrical components like switches and sockets.

Supply an EICR?

If you’re selling your home, your lawyer may request you to fill out the Residential or Commercial Property Information Form (and possibly around 200 different forms). The form will contain sections that pertain to the electrical system in the home.

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It is also possible to be requested by prospective buyers to submit an electrical safety certification. This, as mentioned earlier, is not a requirement in law but it’s for the buyer’s own security and aids them in making faster decisions!

If you’re renting a property through an established and trusted agent and you are requested to present an electrical safety certification. It is not advisable to let out a property without one. If you do this, and electrical hazards are not reported and unreported, you could be held accountable.

How often is an EICR need to be done?

In general, for installations that are domestic and in good working order, and in good repair, an EICR is recommended at least every 10 years for homeowners. This is required at least every five years for rental properties that are private.


When buying a house prospective buyers might want to inquire from the current owner whether they have an updated EICR. This can give buyers insight into the present status of the electrics within the home.

It’s not often However if we’ve learned anything from the Scouts that is to be ready. Are you looking to purchase a house? Be prepared for potential electrical problems by scheduling an EICR on your brand new home now, EICR Certificate Cost.

How Much Does an Electrical Condition Report Cost?

The cost of the EICR certificate starts as low as PS150 plus VAT (*location dependent on location). Find out more information about our prices for EICR’s here. Our NSI electricians provide the most professional and efficient service. Check out our more than 900 4.9-star reviews!

See also  The Ultimate Guide to EICR Costs for Landlords and Property Owners

If you’re a property owner looking to ensure the property you lease is secure and in compliance with the legal requirements, just as you must, get in touch with National Safety Inspections to arrange an extensive EICR today. You can also speak with one of our knowledgeable advisers via our Chabot below. If you’re looking for a customized blog such as this on your site Check out CREATIVE on Time!

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