Everything you need to know about wellness by Dr. Jay Feldman

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Declare that they wish to live the most happy and productive life they can and will put in all the effort to attain that goal, but actually, the majority of people either don’t do that or do well in this endeavor.

Dr. Jay Feldman says wellness is the process of continuously adopting good behaviors and habits to have the greatest chance of attaining greater physical and mental well-being as well as health.

According to Dr. Jay Feldman, Wellness in the United States of America is an independent, deliberate continuous method of reaching one’s maximum potential as a human being.

Wellness aims to lead an enjoyable and positive life. It is a combination of various aspects such as lifestyle and spiritual wellbeing, physical well-being, as well as the overall health of the planet.

Wellness is a way of living which encompasses a variety of elements that impact the health holistically (physical as well as mental and wellbeing in the social sphere).

These elements are constantly contributing to the overall health of an individual and therefore must be recognized and treated accordingly.

Wellness Strategies to boost your health and well-being by Dr. Jay Feldman

Prevention: Although there are no absolutes in life. However, people who think about prevention and medical treatment often lead a healthy and happy life.

It involves avoiding foolish actions and recognizing the impact of your habits, lifestyle or behaviors affect the way one acts (or the inability to act).

Beware of stress and anxiety that can be unwelcome (or being able to manage things in a way that is positive for you personally) will affect the overall health and wellbeing.

A few preventive methods include frequent appointments with the dentist and doctor as well as following the instructions of the doctor and observing one’s eating habits.

Non-invasive: Although surgical procedures that require invasiveness and drugs are sometimes necessary however, there are other options and alternatives that could be better, healthier such as.

Before proceeding, one must consider options with a trusted health professional. However during the discussion it is essential to think about the negative consequences and the potential benefits, not just going without thinking!

Reduce your risk How can you effectively lower your medical risk and if mixing conventional and alternative treatment seem sensible.

Of course, it’s not guarantee that you will ever experience any health issues or negative side effects however, the more we can minimize risk more likely you are to be successful!

Exercise and diet Studies have shown the fact that excess weight, particularly when it is more than suggested numbers or ranges, is harmful to overall health.

It is possible to enjoy a healthier lifestyle combing a nutritious, healthy diet and an effective fitness program or system!

The treatments: Alternate therapies comprise vitamins and herbal supplements, homeopathy chiropractic visits/treatments; acupuncture and massage therapy.

There is a wealth of information available in written form, however the best approach is to discuss the benefits and drawbacks with an open-minded healthcare professional.

Spiritual health and wellness to improve your health

There is a spirit in the present and is referred as conscious and it guides our meditation and worship, as well as the way our bodies function.

At the very least, it is a common belief in our current society. Through cases of amazing healing and astonishing changes in the body, research shows that this belief carries significant facts. The greatest regeneration has occurred in clinics and churches.

Dr. Jay Feldman says that when we are suffering from illness or diseases and our bodies fight to recover. In the absence of a spiritual anchor weak people is enticed by negative thoughts and commit risky actions.

It is true that faith is not necessary to survive. However spirituality has been proven to help those who are fighting cancer and other deadly illnesses. People who have strong religious beliefs have a different approach to life which those who don’t adhere to do not.

Negativity, as with positivity, is an incredibly strong mindset or arousing thought.

Negativity has been proven to negatively affect the body which can cause healing to slow as well, and in some situations clinical depression to develop.

Positive thinking and strong religious beliefs have led to amazing medical breakthroughs. Positive thinking could allow the disabled person to continue doing their daily chores and remain fully engaged.

Since spirituality is a positive element of life, a lot of people think that their attitude has a significant impact on wellbeing and health.

Three Things to Know About Wellness

It is not a definite state of mind. Instead, it’s more fluid, constantly changing and involving plans, decisions and actions when we strive for the highest level of health and wellbeing” throughout our lives.

Dr. Jay Feldman says although the self is the primary factor in wellness however, it can be affected by external influences like our physical, social and cultural environment.

So, overall health is different for each person as our physical and mental health can affect our perception of wellness.

We must be seeking peace that is most authentic to us, taking into consideration our values, methods and goals, which includes our own unique perspective on living life to the fullest.


Whatever our present state of health, wellness calls for constant improvement and renewal in all facets of our lives.

Wellness is more than being healthy It aims to reach new heights of excellence. Wellness concerns our overall wellbeing.

According to Dr. Jay Feldman, Wellness is an ever-changing and expanding process. Physical emotional, mental and spiritual well-being, as well as environmental occupational, and social wellbeing can be interconnected.

In order to achieve the ideal health, each aspect is equally vital.

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