What is the Gas Safety Certificate of conformity to your heating system in 2023?

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Gas Safety Certificate, when installing your heating system, it is vital to be sure of the security during the process. This is why the installation should be carried out by professionals in the field in order to get an official Certificate of Conformity. This is also the case for the replacement. The process must be completed by presentation of a certification of conformity.

What is a certificate of conformity? What are the kinds of facilities that get it and how can you obtain it, Gas Safety Certificate.

Definition of a certification of conformity:

This document confirms that the heating installation was carried out by a qualified professional. Additionally the document also confirms that the work was carried out in accordance with the rules in place as well as all safety standards. Certificate of Conformity is comprised of 4 carbon-free sheets. There are also dematerialized versions accessible to those who need rapid access to the certificate.

The file contains information about the body that certifies the installation as well as an identification number for the kind of installation as well as the description of the job which was carried out along with the identification number and an installer’s visa, as well as the body that certifies and the station for technical information.

Concerning the validity period A certificate of conformity lasts for three years. The documentation accumulated over time should be maintained in order to obtain permissions for any other procedures on the site.

The place of the certificates of conformity:

There are four kinds of organizations that are eligible to receive an official certificate of compliance. So, the owner of the property which is the place of installation or the individuals who reside in the space can be awarded the certificate by the experts who carry the job.

In the next step, the installer or company that is responsible for installing the boiler will receive the certification directly from the body that certifies. Additionally, the person who is responsible for setting up the installation may also get this certificate.

The body responsible for approving the installation might also possess the certification. He will then give it to the proprietor of the property in the course of interventions for the purpose of conducting the audit.

Types of installations that require the issuance of a conformity certificate:

Most importantly the gas heating systems require an official certificate of conformity, separate from other heat systems like pipelines.

A gas furnace that is designed for use by a group:

The structures that fall under this classification include as well the pipes in buildings as well as the rods-kitchens, which are responsible for dispersing the gas, as well as the risers.

It is the installation and operation of gas heater that is designed for indoor use:

If you choose to hire an expert in gas to complete the task the heating experts will be with you through the entire procedure. Therefore, they send the certificate to the organization that has the authority to inspect. The certificate that has been stamped administratively will be sent back to the expert so that he will be able to give the document to you.

If the control visit is conducted by an organization this certificate is handed to you at the time of the following of the suggestions that result from the experience.

Other heating equipment and pipes:

The certification of conformity is mandatory regardless of whether the gas network providing the heating already exists. The same applies to pipes. Mini-boiler rooms and boiler rooms require this kind of documentation.

Gas boiler that has been substituted in the same manner:

If you decide to replace your gas boiler by one that is exactly the same as the previous model in terms of power, brand as well as capacity fitting of the new boiler requires a certification of conformity. Installation is carried out within the axis and the exact location of the old boiler, Gas Safety Certificate.

The various organizations that issue certificates of conformity:

The companies that have been approved by the Ministry of Industry are authorized to issue the certificate of conformity. There are three of them.

The most well-known of these are the Qualia. The Qualia Association was established in 1991 with the intention of ensuring that gas installation used for heating use are the highest quality and conform to the safety guidelines.

In order to do this to do this, the devices in connection with the gas pipeline are inspected with a fine-toothed comb in order to identify any problems that might affect security.

Then there’s the Dakar it is the name of a controlling center which aims to enhance the efficiency of heating equipment and equipment, by working with people, professionals or communities that call them.

Therefore, the employees of the office conduct inspections of the premises where the work will be completed to issue the certificate of conformity.

The Cop audit Third Company that has been approved by the Ministry to conduct inspections to issue the certificates of conformity to heating units that operate on gas.

The steps to take to get a certificate of conformity:

In the event that the boiler installation was performed by an expert, it’s the professional who is accountable to take the necessary steps to get the certification. Then, he’ll hand the certificate to you after the job is complete.

In the alternative, you need to contact any of the organizations we mentioned earlier to make an application for the certificate.

In order to do this, you need to obtain an order form along with certifications of conformity from these organizations, so that the person installing the heating system can fill it out and confirm it.

The paperwork will be sent back to the company. The boiler installation will be examined by technicians before they issue the certificate when the results are positive. If there is evidence of irregularities, these need to be corrected prior to receiving the certificate of conformity.

Cost of the certified of conformity:

Naturally, the service that issues the certificate of conformity is charged. When a boiler installation is completed by experts, the cost of labor includes the cost of the certificate of conformity. If the person performing the work isn’t certified and the verification has to be conducted by a certified technician from an inspection agencies for an amount of about 198 euros.

In addition, you will have to be prepared to pay an additional amount of 130 euros in the event that confirmation of anomalies requires another visit.

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