How To Apply For Schengen Visa Travel Insurance From India


Individuals with Indian citizenship who intend to visit Europe must obtain a visa for the Schengen Area before embarking on their trip. To apply for the Schengen visa in India, Indian passport holders must comply with a set of procedures and meet specific criteria.

During the application process, Indian applicants must provide documentation demonstrating their eligibility for the visa. A vital document among the required papers is a confirmation of the purchased travel insurance for Schengen visa. It covers the complete duration of their stay in Europe.

Verify Whether The Insurance Fulfils The Requirements Set Forth By The Schengen Agreement

Acquiring a Schengen visa insurance from India may appear to be a simple process, merely involving the payment of funds. However, the actual purchase of insurance entails various considerations. One must navigate selecting an appropriate insurance company in India and evaluate whether their insurance policy meets the Schengen requirements.

Therefore, presented below is a comprehensive guide on purchasing Schengen travel insurance from India, including a step-by-step process for selecting the most affordable and suitable insurance plan.

Verify Whether The Insurance Fulfils The Requirements Set Forth By The Schengen Agreement

Numerous Indian and international travel insurance companies provide Schengen Insurance online. However, some appear overly promising, while others impose exorbitant charges for unnecessary coverage and services. Consequently, when evaluating insurance plans offered by either domestic or foreign insurance firms, the foremost factor to consider is the extent of their coverage. It takes precedence even over checking their prices.

Make sure that the Schengen travel insurance plan that you are considering purchasing from India meets the following:

  • The Schengen travel insurance must cover the entire territory; otherwise, it cannot be considered a Schengen travel insurance.
  • The insurance must cover expenses resulting from medical emergencies such as accidents and illnesses.
  • The policy should also include provisions for repatriating the insured person’s body to India in case of death due to natural causes or an accident during their trip to the Schengen Area.
  • A minimum coverage of €30,000 is required for medical emergencies and repatriation.

Moreover, if you have recently searched for a Schengen insurance provider for Indian passport holders on the internet, it is imperative to ensure their credibility. It is crucial to exercise caution as several websites falsely claim to offer Schengen insurance, deceiving unsuspecting customers by taking their money without insurance coverage.

Search For Feedback And Evaluations Regarding The Health Insurance Company

Travel health insurance providers typically allow customers to rate and review their services. Although this may not appear to be the most reliable means of making a decision, it can be pretty beneficial. Even the best service providers will have some unsatisfied clients. Therefore, it is essential to consider the overall reviews, as they can offer valuable insights into the experiences of others.

Select An Established Provider Of Travel Health Insurance

Opting for reputable and seasoned insurance providers that are widely used and have positive feedback is advisable. This ensures that you obtain appropriate insurance coverage meeting the Schengen requirements for Indian travellers while saving money. Before choosing a lesser-known or cheaper insurance provider, consider the risk to your visa application.

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