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When my husband and I decided to start a family, we had no idea how hard it would be. I went to see my doctor after trying to get pregnant on my own for six months. Before I started IVF, I tried IUI seven times, but none of them worked, so I switched doctors. After trying for more than a year, we decided to combine Western and Fertility TCM Singapore treatments during our IVF cycle to increase our chances of success.

How Traditional Chinese Medicine Helps People Get Pregnant

With a total fertility rate of 1.12, Singapore will be unable to support its population in 2021. Some of us have trouble getting pregnant, which is one of the most serious problems.

TCM Fertility Singapore may help in this situation. The head of Thomson Chinese Medicine says that TCM can help women in a number of ways, such as regulating the menstrual cycle, stimulating follicular development for ovulation, improving blood flow to the reproductive organs, and improving the quality of eggs and the endometrial lining.

Treatment With Acupuncture Can Start Up To Six Months Before IUI/IVF.

Until the actual IUI/IVF cycle, acupuncture may be needed once or twice a week.

Chinese medicine may be suggested, especially if the patient is showing signs of a deeper problem.

It has been shown that TCM makes women hornier. Ms. Seah says that there are TCM treatments that could help a woman relax and increase her desire for sex. According to the explanation, “women may sometimes have less sexual desire because of changes in their hormones or because they have busy lives.”

TCM has been shown to improve male sperm quality, motility, and volume, as well as physical stamina and desire.

Low libido, which may be caused by poor kidney function, can be treated with acupuncture on the head, belly, and lower back, as well as with Chinese medicine prescriptions that may increase Kidney Yang. About 80% of her patients come to her for help with getting pregnant. Traditional Chinese medicine (Ba Ji Tian) is a common method she uses. TCM is a broad method that tries to keep the body’s parts in balance, while Western methods for getting pregnant are more targeted and work faster. Couples who combine TCM with traditional treatments for infertility often say they feel more at ease, have fewer side effects from the hormone drug, and have a more positive outlook on the process of trying to get pregnant.

Common health problems include not being able to ovulate, having polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), having endometriosis, and having more than one miscarriage. Men often have problems with low sperm counts, sperm that don’t move well, and a lack of sexual drive.

As was already said, two people with the same illness might get different treatments. Before deciding on a therapy plan, the doctor will try to figure out why the patient is out of balance.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a treatment plan for infertility that includes acupuncture. After the doctor makes a diagnosis, he or she may suggest certain acupoints.

Natural Chinese Medicine (Tcm) Therapies

You can do many things on your own to increase your chances of getting pregnant, but acupuncture and Chinese medicine may help. During moxibustion, a type of heat therapy, dried mugwort is burned on a woman’s lower belly and lower back to increase blood flow to the uterus.

Soak your feet in hot water once or twice a day, or twice a week, to increase circulation and body heat. When pregnant, never immerse your feet in hot water.

Attention, people who know a lot about water: warm or room temperature water is best for fertility. This is especially important if your periods hurt or your cycles aren’t regular. By clicking on the TCM for Diabetes Singapore Service link, you can find out more.

Bubble tea addict? We know how hard it is for you. It should only be drunk once a month as a special treat, and not in the week before or during your period.

It Is Important To Wait.

If you want to use TCM to help you get pregnant faster, you should know that there is no quick fix. It could take up to six months to figure out if the treatment helped or not.

Ms. Seah told other couples to “start things off” right away. If you are older than 30, getting pregnant could take up to a year longer than usual.

I couldn’t get pregnant for more than a year. My IVF attempt didn’t work, but a few months later, we got pregnant by accident. The TCM treatment I got during the cycle might have had something to do with it. There are many reasons why IVF doesn’t work, but TCM may help in secret by, for example, improving the quality of sperm and the lining of the endometrium.

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