The Important Entrepreneurial Growth Drivers by Lamar Van Dusen

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Discovering the true potential of a business and taking it to new heights is one of the most significant accomplishments for any entrepreneur.

As per Lamar Van Dusen While being a businessperson in the United States of America is a thrilling experience.

It also comes with a large number of obligations, difficulties, and unpredictability regarding the next step. Several factors contribute to shaping your company’s future and revealing your true entrepreneurial potential.

What Exactly Is an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is the ideal combination of creativity, risk-taking, and adaptability. Being an entrepreneur meant to disrupt the current marketplace and think beyond the box.

An entrepreneur is someone who introduces a novel service or good into the market to address current market needs than no other established firm can meet.

As the founder of a startup, you are responsible for the whole operation, including planning, execution, and finance, management of operations, advertising, and supervision.

Lamar Van Dusen says every company founder requires assistance and resources to establish their foundation and make their imprint in the business.

Such elements that shape a startup’s future are important factors for growth for every entrepreneur.

Growth aspects can vary depending on a company’s internal and external circumstances, such as market developments, competition, and other distinguishing characteristics.

However, there are some predominant factors that all business owners must take advantage of in order to capitalize on their development opportunities.

Entrepreneurial Growth Factors

Capital Availability

It constitutes the seed that provides life to a plant, which has the capacity to grow into a massive tree. Investment is the seed that allows any business to grow and prosper in the future. As an entrepreneur, finance is the most critical growth factor for your company.

Your firm need finances to carry out everyday tasks, invest in equipment and labor to carry on with commercial operations, and constitute an element of the operational capital that lubricates your company’s engine.

Lamar Van Dusen says to build their enterprises, the majority of entrepreneurs use their own resources and business financing. However, there are numerous other ways to raise funds for your company. Governmental grants, investors in angels, incubation facilities, and venture capitalists are all typical sources of funding for entrepreneurs. It is critical that you select a funding solution that is compatible with your business objectives.


Standing out from other businesses is what made a business successful. Every entrepreneur needs innovation to flourish because it allows them to chart a new course in the market and achieve a competitive advantage.

To thrive in the competitive environment and keep ahead of their competitors, every entrepreneur must engage in continuing activities.

When all startup owners find themselves in a red ocean, innovation provides them a lifeline. Different methods can assist you in fostering creative thinking in your business.

You must be conscious of changing industry trends and keep an eye out for fresh opportunities for your company. Regular meetings for brainstorming and imaginative endeavors within your company can also help you generate new concepts for your next company project.

Mentorship and networking among peers

It is critical to foster an innovative culture. A start-up path frequently comprises daunting avenues that might contribute to the entrepreneur’s stress and blockages.

When you operate a business, you must continually pull off sleepless evenings organizing the following day, operating around timetables, managing many departments at the same time, and feeling disconnected from your loved ones.

Finding a peer network provides essential psychological, physiological, and emotional support to entrepreneurs. Peers are entrepreneurs like you who have travelled the same path as yourself and can provide you with valuable business tools, industry expertise, and solid business leads.

Along with peer support, a community of successful businessmen can provide invaluable mentorship all through your company’s initial journey.

These business owners may teach you from their own experiences and steer you in the proper direction. Their guidance can be beneficial in dealing with hurdles. Mentors can frequently present you to newer company opportunities and assist you in making stronger market connections.


As the world increasingly turns with the world of the internet for all of its needs, it is essential for a business to possess an online presence in order to be noticed. As per Lamar Van Dusen the age of the internet is dynamic, with fresh technology appearing on a regular basis.

To beat your competitors, you need to keep updated on the products and services of such fresh developments and respond to the technologies.

Digitalization can increase the productivity and efficiency of your organisation. It can help you automate data collecting and analysis, connect the masses with just a few mouse clicks, and lower total costs by automating procedures. Using cutting-edge technology, you can improve customer experiences and capture markets faster than your competitors. By digitising your company, you may simplify your day and concentrate more on high-priority issues that require your immediate focus.

Adaptability and adaptability

Entrepreneurship is a fluid environment. Market trends, customer requirements, and technology are all subject to alter at any time. Entrepreneurs must be adaptable to changes and adapt their business strategy to market shifts. Being adaptable allows a businessperson to seize new business opportunities and stay ahead of the competition. When you are adaptable as an entrepreneur, you can learn new skills and adjust to the newest innovations on the fly. This is an important factor in the success of your company.


As per Lamar Van Dusen Entrepreneurship is a way of life that elevates you above the mundane and adds energy, passion, and joy to your life. It’s a daring and empowering adventure with numerous difficulties and lessons along the road.

The enabling ecosystem is critical for the growth of any entrepreneur’s business. Growth factors are the elements in the ailing ecosystem that have a significant influence in turning the firm around.

As you take the control of your company, it is critical to keep these growth factors in mind.

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